Life 101

“Funny thing about life is each season is subject to change at a moment’s notice. What we do with these moments often times determine our failure or success in life. I am discovering that the person who learns how to seize the moments of opportunity; endure the moments of hardships; overcome the moments of adversity; and conquer the moments of self-doubt tend to be very successful at this thing called Life. Recognize your moments and succeed in every season of life!”- Charity Israel #Successhappenswhen

No More Chains

I have concluded, we find a million reasons not to get help instead of accepting the two reason why we need it:
1. We are silently suffering in an area of life.
2. We cannot fix it on our own.

Tonight I plead with every individual that is silently suffering in an area of life, SEEK HELP. It takes a very competent person to acknowledge something is wrong inside that they are unable to fix and seek help to fix it. You’re only “crazy” when you don’t ask for help and you know you need it. Do your soul the favor and release the pains of your past, the disappointments of today, and the fears of tomorrow. My prayer is that we will all find the courage to acknowledge the cracked areas of our life, and seek the help needed in becoming whole again. Counseling is a gift from God, I pray you accept it graciously. I love you all, and excited about your freedom! #lovelivesfree