Lovelivesfree.wordpress.com is a site that has ONE purpose, and that is to get as many people as possible to LIVE in the FREEDOM that LOVE has to offer. This site will earnestly strive to write articles that encourage all people to love their God, themselves, and others. This blog site has something for everyone. In the category labeled To the Unknown God, you will find a daily devotion and articles that encourage people to be transparent with God about EVERYTHING. The SINGLE Challenge is for the Single person that is not dating or has decided to join me in the journey of Self-Discovery (click the tab to find out more).  A Family Affair is the  area that explores the good, bad, and the ooougly parts of being a friend, a family member, and a servant.  Last but of the most importance, we have theTalk About It area where readers can answer the Question of the Day, provide topic suggestions, comments, ask questions, and dialogue with other readers. Now that you have read about it, jump in and discover how it feels when LOVE LIVES FREE!-Charity Israel

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