No Wedding, No Love: Life After Heartbreak

no loveWednesday night, I cried myself to sleep. Out of nowhere, it hit me that my dreams of marriage had been shattered once again. I started replaying the moments of excitement looking at rings, searching for a venue, and trying on dresses. I started to think about how I finally had someone who loved me and wanted me as his wife. This marriage was meant to be the validation I needed to prove that I am desirable. The abrupt departure of my father at age five had left me wondering will I ever be wanted and loved. I had come to see marriage as a form of redeeming that piece of me. However on December 31, 2016 we had the breakup of all breakups, and my dream was shattered. All my hopes for us were robbed and ” hope deferred makes the heart sick…” became my reality.(Proverbs 13:12)

I believe one of the greatest pains of our human experience is a broken heart. Its pain is piercing and relentless. With all the strength you possess you try quickly to move past it, but broken things often heal slowly. You are simply forced to endure its pain. Some try to sedate it with sex, liquor, and drugs, but it refuses to leave. Some try to work it away, but the moment you take a break, it’s there. Some try to reason it away, but heartache supersedes knowledge; and you will never truly understand why your heart hurts so bad.

One of my greatest fears was to be where I am now, and that’s on the back side of a failed engagement. I read stories and met women who had gone through it; but I never wanted to be acquainted with its grief.  Now three months removed from it today, I can testify there is life after it. The first 30 days consisted of bitter tears. I wept because I felt like I had wasted my time. I mourned because I loved him. I sobbed because I made the decision to call the relationship off.  I lamented the death of the relationship because I had never been completely committed to a relationship the way I was with him (mind, body, and soul).  I cried because I no longer saw myself part of his dreams.

I would be lying if I said this experience did not rip the fabric of the way I view love. It was almost successful in making me give up on it. I was almost convinced not to love wholeheartedly ever again, but shutting myself off to loving someone keeps me from fulfilling my purpose. We were created to love. Choosing not to do so makes one defective because you are not fulfilling the Great Manufacturer’s purpose for creating you.

During the first 30 days, all I could remember was the broken promises. I had forgotten about all the joy and life our love had given me. Although the flaws of our humanity brought on the demise of our relationship, the love we shared was pure, healing, and refreshing. I learned so much about me, and I appreciate every lesson his love came to teach me. I assumed it was for forever, but I am grateful I was able to experience it in this lifetime.

I am not sure what the future holds for me, and I am quite alright with its uncertainty. I no longer see marriage as the validation I needed to prove I am worthy of love. I rest in the fact that I was created to love, and at the appointed time that love will be received and reciprocated by the man it was created to serve. I am no longer bitter about the outcome, and I am hopeful that I will love again.-Charity Israel

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11 thoughts on “No Wedding, No Love: Life After Heartbreak

  1. Love it…so many people experience this…(heart aches) but God just want us to know who’s we are so that we will choose the one that will treat us the way we’re suppose to be treated. We only get what we allow…

    • I agree 100%. I now trust His love and plan for my life in a greater way. I’m content with my life being in His hands. Thank for reading an sharing your thoughts!

  2. Your honest and condor….and how your bear your heart out for others to see and share in your experience….wooo! I pray for healing, more healing and love. You my sister are one of a kind. Thanks for sharing your heart

    • Thank you for your kind words. I just want people to know there is life after heartache, and God’s presence is a great place for it to be healed. Thanks again!!

  3. This testimony is just amazing! I just love that you mentioned marriage is no longer the validation to prove your worthy of love. God bless you and I can’t wait to see more from you!

    • Yes an I believe that lesson alone made the heartache worth it. It would have been a very unhealthy marriage pursuing marriage for that purpose….thanks so much for reading and sharing your kind words.

  4. Omg….I went thru a failed engagement last year too… I dont think I’ve ever had my emotions spelled out quite like that…you hit the nail on the head. I’m praying for you. Thank you for sharing!

    • Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to comment. I am praying for you too. What I do know is when the time is right, God will bring the one who is truly ready to love us. Until then enjoy life, travel, serve others, and continue to cultivate your relationship with God. Thanks again!!!

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