Dear Church of America

We want to talk about the homosexual choir director and piano player, but can we talk about the lesbian preacher leading worship and teaching Sunday School?!? Or how about the deacon that’s a glutton; the First Lady that’s a gossip; the abusive apostle; the lying prophet; the egotistical evangelist; the drummer that’s a city-wide whore; the missionary that spreads discord; and the Pastor that is so prideful that remains in ministry and he only has 2.5 members attending faithfully each week?

Let’s stop trying to fix the world for a minute, and let’s address the mess sitting in the pews and parading in the pulpit. How dare us attempt to tell the world about a Jesus that we haven’t submitted our own lives to!!! Let’s preach a whole Gospel that confronts ALL sin and every person in love!

The church has lost its identity, and we need to rediscover it before we bring more folks in, making them better sinners before they “accepted Christ!” We’re wrong for what we’ve allowed in the Church, and I’m praying that we would indeed repent and truly take the time to discover who we are in Christ! Who we are as a “new creation” is much sweeter than the person we choose to remain!

It’s time out for playing Church, the world needs us to be it! They’re desperately in need of a new way of life, and we’re unable to give it to them because we’re so committed to remaining the same! His Grace makes our Salvation, deliverance, righteousness, Sanctification, and all we need pertaining to Godliness possible, don’t you think it’s about time you started taking advantage of such a marvelous gift?!?

Your Sister in Christ,

Charity Israel

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