Off My Chest and to Your Heart

IIMG_20150725_151807934 woke up this morning with these five thoughts invading my mind. One is absolutely random, but the other four are near and dear to my heart. Here is what my heart wanted to tell yours:

1. I love all of you!  Please DO NOT attempt to  battle this life alone. If you need an ear to listen or need someone to fight when you’re too tired, let me stand in prayer with you. I’m tired of suicide robbing people of their lives.

2. I love people with freckles. When I see them I just automatically assume they are nice and want me to hug them! I fight the temptation to do it. #mystrangeaddiction

3. Take a lesson from Bill Cosby, you can acquire all the accolades the world can offer, but your character can have them stripped from you. At the end of the day, your integrity, morality, and the route you took to acquire fame or provide it to others MATTERS.

4. God is the ONLY one who truly forgives the dark secrets of our past. God knew we would sin greatly so He sent His greatest to be our ransom. Please DO NOT leave this life without the greatest gift your Creator has to offer, salvation through Jesus Christ. I’m not promoting religion. I am promoting the opportunity to Live Again in the Love you were created in!!!

5. God loves you and there is NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT. He won’t change His mind about it, and He will spend your life proving it to you!!!

My prayer is that you will come into the awesomeness of who you are according  to your Creator. My hope is that you will develop a relationship with the most amazing God of the universe! The truth is God really loves you, and your past does not bother Him!!! He can handle it! Have a Marvelous Monday beautiful people!!!!

One thought on “Off My Chest and to Your Heart

  1. I love this article😊! The part about people with freckles I totally feel you. God is love and I’m so thankful he loves me! Thanks for the great read be blessed.

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