Reflecting on the Past: He’ll Take the Pain Away!!!

Pandora started playing He’ll Take the Pain Away by Kirk Franklin as I was packing. Suddenly tears of joy started to stream down my face. I begin to reflect on how I walked around with such bitterness from the absence of my father; anger towards those who were to protect me but molested me; and the resentment from relationships that always failed. I was tired of holding the secrets of my soul. Ministering wholeness to others, but refusing to surrender my own hurt to God.  I eventually became fed up with dying inside, and I decided to give all the hurts and disappointments to God. I also made a weekly visit to a therapist for a while. Slowly but surely the sting of my past left, and I turned into a conqueror instead of a victim. It’s a beautiful feeling living on the other side of forgiveness. Freedom can be obtained, but we must be honest about who we are and where it hurts. Freedom begins when we stop with the façade, and get brutally honest about the things that hurt us the most. The pains of my past have lost their sting because I surrendered it all to the King!! Get to know God for real. If you’re going to be a Christian you might as well benefit from the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Redemption, forgiveness, peace, freedom, and righteousness are all things we can enjoy on this earth. God heals the broken, battered, and mangled hearts. My life is proof, HE’LL TAKE THE PAIN AWAY!!! GIVE HIM YOURS FOR REAL THIS TIME!!! #gratefulheart

One thought on “Reflecting on the Past: He’ll Take the Pain Away!!!

  1. Omg thanks for sharing! Your writing is amazing keep changing lives by sharing your experiences!

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