Single Men, Can We Talk???

Happy couple holding handsI come in peace!!! This blog is not an attempt to rip you a new one. It is me offering you insight into finding and keeping  a virtuous woman. Let me be clear, I am NOT trying to help you “smash and pass,” but I am trying to help you secure something solid. If you are not interested in a woman of substance and have an obsession with the ratchet, STOP READING! If you are a man who enjoys living the lies you have created, I CANNOT HELP YOU! If you are good man looking for your female counterpart, this may help in the process of dating quality women:

  1. Choose the right bait. When I talk to good single guys, they often complain about ending up with the same kind of woman. I ask a few questions, only to discover they are using the same methods to pick and keep a woman.  I am no fisherman; but I know the same bait used to catch a Catfish will NOT help you succeed in catching a Swordfish. You must learn what appeals to the kind of woman you truly desire. Then you have to wait until she takes the bait. The bait is that thing that let her knows you were listening. In other words, what you used on most women will NOT work on a virtuous woman. She knows the game, and she will shut it and you down QUICKLY!!!
  2. Be yourself. If a good woman has given you access to her life, give her the gift of authenticity. The best thing you can give her is yourself. The size of your wallet is nice, but a woman of substance is more concerned about your character. She is able to take care of herself. Allow her to meet the real you.
  3. Have goals. A good woman takes pride in encouraging her mate to greatness. If you do not have anything for her to assist you in achieving, she will NOT entertain you long. She is an encourager, and you must supply her with something that feeds that part of her.
  4. Be honest. A Virtuous woman is gracious, but she despises a liar. Your honesty tells her that you trust her. You do not have to fear sharing your past with her. She keeps your secrets to herself because she values loyalty. She wants to know you; and she understands who you were helped shape who you are. Once you recognize she is different from anyone you have encountered, TREAT HER THAT WAY. Loving her is easy because you know she means you no harm.
  5. Be a confident leader. A good woman loathes an indecisive, incompetent man. She is a leader, and she only follows those she trust. You must prove she can let her guard down and follow your guidance. If your words are followed up by your actions, the guard comes down quickly. If you say more than you actually do, there will be an Early Dismissal. She does not have the time to entertain inconsistency in a leader. If you do not know what to do, ASK FOR HELP. This speaks volumes of your humility and leadership ability. She prefers you to ask for help rather than allow your pride to keep both of you lost or ignorant. Keeping your word and asking for help when it is needed will assure her that you are one worth following.

It is my hope that you find one or more of these things useful to your journey. I am aware that some of you desire something real, and I am praying that you find it. Good women do exist, but they are not the easiest to find. Enjoy the process of finding her! In the meantime, continue to improve who you are and what you have to offer.- Charity Israel

P.S. Ladies are not fish. 😜




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5 thoughts on “Single Men, Can We Talk???

  1. Hold up ladies are not fishes …ahhh hell…I been reading the wrong menu…but seriously this is one of my favorite ones. Keep it up you just saved someone from making huge mistske and that is priceless.

  2. So so good, Charity. You put these thoughts into very fitting, and hopefully helpful, words as you spoke on behalf of more than just yourself.

    • Thanks love for reading and sharing your thoughts. This list is a compilation of conversations with frustrated men and women. We expect them to know, and some of them honestly need a little direction. Lol thanks again for reading love!!!

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