Guest Blog: How to Handle Church Hurts by Charity Israel

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Church hurts can range from something minor as Sister Johnson refusing to speak every Sunday to something major like being sexually abused by a church member. Regardless of the size of the offense, if it hurts, we should deal with it. When I was first asked to do this article, I thought to myself, “I get to spill the beans on those who hurt me.” After praying about how to approach this article, I felt impressed to give solutions instead of trying to remember old hurts. I apologize in advance; there will be no juicy tales of deceit, discord, and corruption—reason being, we all have been the offender and the offended at some point in Churchianity (the practice of being a Church member).

Some of us have had our secrets told as “Prayer Gossip.” If you are not familiar with this kind of gossip, it is when information is spread…

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One thought on “Guest Blog: How to Handle Church Hurts by Charity Israel

  1. I so agree with this Blog. We have to reconize that the church is nothing but sinners saved by grace. Some have improved greatly while in church and some well lets just say they still cooking. But we as christians have to do whats right ..knowing whats right and not doing it is shamfule and we never want to shame our influence on the world through Jesus Christ.

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