The Day God Lied



Yesterday I was considering where my life is compared to where I desire it to be. I thought about the promise I believe God has spoken concerning my life; and I thought about the time that has passed since hearing them. Shortly before accusing God of being a liar, the things I failed to do came to my remembrance. As I sat with the thoughts of His promises and my slothfulness, also known as disobedience, this CSA (Christian Service Announcement) came to me:

Obey the first set of instructions before you start complaining about what God has failed to do. You have to participate to see the manifestation of some promises in your life.

As I sat with this thought, three people came to mind: Abraham (Gen. 12-25),  Hannah (1 Samuel 1), and Jesus (Philippians 2:8-11). In order for Abraham to become the Father of Many Nations, he had to leave his hometown. In order for Hannah to receive her son, she had to pray like a drunken women before those in the temple.  Jesus had to die on the cross, in order to obtain the name above all names. All three of these people had one thing in common, they participated in the promise. They went where they were instructed.  They abandoned their comfort zones. And one gave up his life in order to experience the manifestation of the promise.

After reflecting upon their stories, I had to consider my own ways. I had acknowledge that every Promise I shouted over had a set of instructions that I overlooked. I could no longer hold God solely responsible for my position in life. I refused to Go where he suggested. I refused to sow my time, money, or service where He was asking me. And it was I, who allowed the comforts of my complacency to keep me from stepping out on faith in His word. #guiltyascharged

Sitting with this discovery of my disobedience, I had two options available to me. I could soak in self-condemnation, or I could repent and start fresh. I opted for the latter. I asked God to forgive me for accusing Him of being a liar. I acknowledged that my disobedience has been the hold up in reaching my dreams. I repented for comparing my position in life with others; and I asked the Holy Spirit to help me redirect my focus on  the assignment God has for me.

It has only been 24 hours, so I cannot boast about some grand change taking place; but I have faith I am back on schedule. To the person reading this that can relate to my slothfulness, I hope you choose the latter as well. God forgives, and He is always ready to restore us. You can prolong the process and wallow in regret, or you can repent and move forward. The beauty of the Christian faith is that it is one of gradual perfection, meaning each day is another chance to get it right. #choosewisely


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