10 Ways to Survive Christmas with Family


With Christmas being less than one day away, I figured the perfect gift to give the Social Media world would be a nice list on How to Survive Christmas with Family. I cannot promise this list will provide Peace to all mankind, but I personally find it hilarious:

  1. If all the family drama is due to your presence and shenanigans throughout the year, DO NOT SHOW UP. For the first time this year do something selfless and let the family have a peaceful day. #Christmasgifttothefamily #gethelp #do better
  2. When someone uses the phrase “point, blank, period” you may want to end the conversation unless you are ready to get physical. #passthepointofwords #nowservingknucklesandwiches #walkaway #Ghettofamilygatherings
  3. If your Secret Santa buys you White Diamonds perfume, know that it is a clear that they hate you! ! Do not allow rage to consume you, love them anyway! #bethebiggerperson
  4. If a family member with children owes you money, DO NOT bring it up! Simply repo their children’s gifts and leave before anyone notices. Then send a text letting them know how much they owe to get the gifts back. #layaway #paymentplansavailable
  5. If your children are bad, sit with them. You can avoid people going off on them, if you would keep an eye on them. You are NOT allowed to chill like the parents with good children. #dutycalls #seedofchuckie #childrenofthecorn
  6. If you have been holding a family secret all year please DO NOT use Christmas Day as the time to break your silence. It will not kill you to hold it in one more day. #holdit #familymeetingonthe26th
  7. If Dirty Santa is one of your family members keep ALL children away from him. #nosittinginlapsthisyear
  8. If your cousin Kim wants to be addressed as Kevin, or your cousin Mark wants to be called Marsha, do it to keep the peace. You can go back to calling them by their real name on December 26, 2014 at 12:00 a.m. #christmaswishgranted #yourmammanamedyouKimElise
  9. If the place you are eating at appears unsanitary simply say, “You are fasting as a birthday gift to Jesus.” Then ask, “What did you give him this year?” #Icebreaker #nofeelingshurt #eatlater
  10. If you are vegetarian or vegan PLEASE do NOT remind us of our need to stop eating meat, milk, cheese, eggs, and all ingredients that make up our wonderful Christmas dinner. Enjoy your bean sprouts and humus. #eatinpeace #theveganevangelist

I hope these tips will help you enjoy your time with family tomorrow. Jesus is truly the reason for the season, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!- Charity Israel




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