The Dichotomy of the Undiscovered

Today I played this song over and over, weeping and longing for the same thing. Every now and then my stomach knots up and my soul aches at the thought of where I am and where I desire to be. I consider the talents God has given me and the frustration of finding a platform to display them. I consider my passions and none of them scream loud enough to suggest I pursue it first. I consider my self doubt, and how it holds me hostage from pursuing what my heart tells me. I consider the people in my dreams that need what I have, and I am left feeling guilty because I allow the comfort of complacency to keep me from them. You find yourself in awe of the person who is content with the manufactured lifestyle of the  9-5 work flow. You feel more alone when others are around because you question are they a friend or just a fan. You are at home with “creators” because they understand the secret life behind what others consider so great about you. You get lost in trying to explain yourself to people; and you often despise what others envy about you. The luxury of being talented comes with a weighty price tag of sleepless nights, frustration, and loneliness. For those who manage to find their platform life, is fulfilling, but to those who almost made it or never quite found it, life is death.

So today as I wrestle with these feelings I pray for those who are doing the same. I pray that we find our platform and the liberty to freely express ourselves. I pray that we overcome the self-doubt that continues to talk us out of living our life to its greatest potential. I pray that our most frustrating and painful experiences will birth beautiful art. I hope we find the courage to ask, seek, and knock until the door of opportunity opens wide for us.  I hope we become relentless in our pursuit of self expression. I hope we are bold enough to stay true to our own ideas, methods, and weird melodies.    I pray that we all find our purpose and leave this life empty having poured our all in to that which we were created to do. All that to say that once we figure it out, they will know “WE WERE HERE.”

6 thoughts on “The Dichotomy of the Undiscovered

  1. Beautifully written. I sometimes struggle with the same problems, trying to highlight my gifts, but being blessed with so many and not knowing where to start. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with the world.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing! I have been blessed with several gifts and I become so anxious about not having the platform to share it in an imapctful way. But I suppose, and this is no cop out, that no matter how few people benefit from what I share, it will still be worth it in the end. God bless.

    BTW, my favorite line -. “…you often despise what others envy about you.”

    • Thanks for reading Djoaquin, and you make a good point about the few that benefit from what we share. Maybe the focus should not be on the size of the platform but the depth of the impact we have on whom we’re sharing our gifts with. You may have solved my dilemma “stop worrying about a bigger stage and make the best of the one you have!” Thanks for you thoughts!!!

  3. This is great I know I have a passion for helping women go from the struggle of never having enough to having an unlimited supply by first getting their money right and their life right. It’s just I don’t know whether to do seminars or do classes at churches or what to do. I guess I need clarity on where to start. I need direction and clarity soon, because I feel lost.

    • If the door is open to teach at church start at the place where relationships are already built. You then will be able to closely gauge their progress and develop a curriculum that will bring results. The seminars will follow as people share their stories and others desire your help. #justathought

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