Loneliness and I: A Single Woman’s Small Observation

Loneliness and I: A Single Woman's Small Observation

I’m not sure if people desire real love anymore. I think we just want someone around to be an anecdote for our loneliness. So, we compile ludicrous “The Ideal Mate” list to create the person we feel will best assist us in not having those feelings. But there will be a rude awakening, when we discover loneliness will find us again with our “ideal” mate. It is part of the human emotional experience. I strongly believe if we cannot master these feelings as singles, we will be prone to “finding a cure” for it in our marriages. These cures may tame our feelings of loneliness momentarily, but depending on what we choose, they may aid in a divorce at some point.

I have concluded, loneliness is not to be cured but explored. It should be excavated until we discover something new about ourselves. We often look to others to cure us of what appears to be utter darkness inside, but when explored the feelings of loneliness are a guide back inside. Loneliness is simply our inner being/spirit demanding we be to ourselves, to hear ourselves, and learn something new about ourselves. Once the discovery has been made, the “feelings” flee and no outside damage is done. Our moments of feeling alone are actually the times we are most present with ourselves. I reckon we run because we are unable to recognize when our spirits need attention which is ultimately the real issue.

4 thoughts on “Loneliness and I: A Single Woman’s Small Observation

  1. You my friend are deep the world may not be ready for your insight. Keep up the excellent work!!!

  2. Awesome insight … I just recetly wrote about loneliness myself. It is possible to feel lonely around other people. It is an emotion and state of mind. GOOD READ!

    • Glad you enjoyed it! Yeah it’s possible indeed, and that’s when I recommend you get alone and explore it. Our soul needs attention, and God uses loneliness to remind us to tend to it. #myopinion #twocentsworth

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