The Blessing of Gwendolyn: A Walk Down Memory Lane

my girl

Today I was thinking about what I would say about my mother this Mother’s Day. I made a quick right down memory lane, trying to decide what part of her AWESOMENESS I wanted to highlight. Then I recalled the first time I saw and understood her selflessness as a mother. It was March 1, 1997 and Little Rock was about to experience the most devastating Tornado since the early 1940s. My mom had been pacing for an hour or more praying and watching the storm. She instructed my sisters and me, “When I count to three I need you guys to jump in the tub and lay down as fast as you can.” After she gave us those instructions, she began pacing the floor and praying again. A few minutes later, the countdown happened. We ran and did as she instructed, only to discover there was no room for her. She threw the couch cushions over us. She laid next to the tub, with her arm reaching into the tub, to assure us she was there. It was the scariest few minutes of my life hearing the sounds of the tornado and knowing the possibility of losing my mother was inevitable if the tornado hit our home.

Crying and pleading with her to get in with us, she simply kept telling us “I’m here and we are going to be okay.” I am not sure if she believed it, but she said it so convincingly that we calmed down. The tornado ceased and a few minutes of howling winds was followed by an unsettling silence. We jumped out the tub and hugged each other for a while. It was in that moment I considered her to be the bravest and selfless person I know. I saw her bravery shine bright as she forsook her fears and protected us. I saw her selflessness as she put our safety above her own. I saw her love as she extended her hand to comfort us. I saw her faith as she prayed to God to protect our home and neighborhood. Last but not least, I saw a glimpse of my future and what would be required of me as a mother one day.

I will not discredit the love and support of another mother by declaring my mother is the best. But I will say she is the best example of a woman and mother God could have given me. I could write a few books about what my mother means to me, but today I simply want to say HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY.

Gwen Porter-Cole THANK YOU for accepting God’s wonderful gift of motherhood. Thank you for your love, prayers, support, and wisdom. Thank you for never making us feel unloved, unworthy, or stupid. You are a beautiful reflection of God’s love towards His children. Thank you for NEVER walking away when the money was funny; when the load was heavy; and when dad refused to help. YOU ARE AMAZING, and I will spend all the days of my life making you proud. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY GORGEOUS!!!!

2 thoughts on “The Blessing of Gwendolyn: A Walk Down Memory Lane

  1. Absolutely LOVE this!!! Moms are such a blessing…but it’s indescribable the gratitude for an EXTRAORDINARY Mom! I know it’s late…but Happy (Belated) Mother’s Day to Ms. Porter-Cole!

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