A Perpetual State of Facebook Confusion


I am sure a gazillion people have already expressed these sentiments, but there are some things that leave me baffled, dumbfounded, and absolutely confused when scrolling through my Newsfeed on Facebook. I will be the first to admit that NONE of these things truly matter, but I must clear the space these thoughts are occupying. Here are the Five Things that leave me Confused on Facebook:

1. People who say “I am not religious but spiritual.” I know this is an attempt to sound deep and in touch with Mother Earth, Father Time, or whomever; but it makes one seem indecisive or altogether confused. For the love of Gandhi, PLEASE pick a spirit/religion. When you get to talking religion and mixing the Bible with Hindu teaching (or your religion(s) of choice) it becomes confusing to all who read it. By all means be knowledgeable of all religions but PLEASE pick a side. People will be more receptive to your logic if it’s founded on some thing instead of all things. If you have a problem with anything I just typed, skip down to #3 now. Smile

2. People who post stuff like “I am so upset right now, please do NOT call, text, or ask why!!!” Earth to attention seeking individual: we  would NOT  care if you did NOT tell us. You could have stayed upset in silence. But that’s too much like right, huh? Now I have to wrestle with whether I should reach out or keep scrolling. I usually keep scrolling.

3.. People who demand you respect their opinion, but make it their Life’s mission to change yours. I used to thoroughly enjoy a good ole Facebook debate. Then I started to get annoyed by people who desired to be more right than respectful. As it pertains to opinions, the only thing that can trump it is a FACT. All CAPS won’t make people change their minds and calling them names surely won’t do it. I personally feel that if we accept people’s response for what they are versus desperately trying to change them Facebook discussions would be more productive. <—–This is an opinion, feel free to disagree. I’ve been guilty of such madness a time or two, PLEASE FORGIVE ME! Smile

4. People 25 and older who post Selfies ALL DAY LONG. It’s none of my business, but do these people work? Are they trying reach a personal Selfie goal? Are they building a portfolio? Are they trying to get the perfect headshot to start their Acting career? There has to be a method behind their Selfie madness right? It’s none of my business, but I need answers. Shrugs

5. People who confess their undying love for “Bae” in their statuses but borderline harass your inbox. Ladies and Gentlemen, if you have decided to be in a relationship LEAVE ALL OTHER INBOXES ALONE. Especially when there is a monologue taking place because the person you are inboxing DOES NOT respond. STOP IT before you lose what you have trying to obtain someone that will NEVER be yours!!! <—Did you see NEVER in caps? #itjustgotreal #dontobeyyourthirst

There you have it people, the Five Things that Confuse Me. If you can relate or want to add to the list go right ahead. If you cannot resist the urge to disagree, PLEASE tell me where I’ve strayed from the truth according to you. I won’t argue with you. Last but not least, if you have the answer to the Selfie question tell me! Smile#fortheloveoflaughter #lovelivesfree


4 thoughts on “A Perpetual State of Facebook Confusion

  1. I so agree. I’ve taken a face book break for about the past month and have been reading more. You essentially allow everyone’s drama into your personal space by reading it all day long.

    • MS. ULU indeed!!! Facebook breaks are good for the soul. LOL I have discovered the beautiful option of the Unfollow button, and it has made my Newsfeed peaceful. #stressfreenewsfeed Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts. Have a lovely day.

  2. I’ve taken some time off from facebook, only to find myself getting back in it more than the last time, lol. I think taking time away from anything that is done in excess sometimes a break is needed. I sometimes find myself missing the days when people had to actually meet you and get to know you in person, instead of over facebook, or sending a quick informal message. I try to keep some things to myself, or for family and friends instead of letting it all go on facebook and in some ways I keep a little part of me that’s not all over the internet.

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