Happy Birthday Mom!!!

April 3, 1958 God blessed the earth with your presence, and 27 years later He made you my mother. I believe that was one of the smartest ideas God ever had. You are a brilliant woman and an excellent mother. You have taught me to “practice what I preach.” You have taught me to laugh hard and love harder. You have shown me what it means to forgive those who hurt you. You have shown me what it means to love your neighbor as yourself. I have observed you overcome some tumultuous times in life with much grace. You are the strongest woman I know, and I pray that I will handle the adversities of life with the same finesse as you. You are a blessing to all of your children, and we appreciate the unconditional love that you extend to us 24/7. I pray today was amazing and that this year would be full of great opportunities. You are my favorite person on the planet! I pray as a woman that I live with the same integrity, honor, and grace you have shown us throughout the years. Happy Birthday Gwendolyn J. Porter from your Eldest child.

P.S. We will have to sing this song together one day like Gerald and Eddie Levert did. You truly are the wind beneath my wings thanks for EVERYTHING GORGEOUS LADY!!!

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