3 thoughts on “Interacting With The Opposite Sex During Celibacy

  1. This is so true I rememeber I start liking a security guard at work and lo and behold God moved Him somewhere else God don’t allow me to get too close no one. Everytime I try the person ends up leaving. So I just stopped. I have a new guy friend but we are taking it slow.

  2. The tips for how to do it seem pretty sound. I can only hope that others will take that advice and not fall prey to compromising situations. Being a hermit isn’t living.

    • I totally agree Robert “being a hermit isn’t living.” I believe so many people, Christians in particular, feel solitude is the only way to remain holy. This article gives practical steps that will keep both your body and conversation in check. Being around others would call for us to practice self-control, and for many solitude is easier than self-restraint. We miss out on life, try to obtain Eternity. I don’t believe God meant for it to be this way.

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