If Not for Grace…

While listening to this song, I could not help but consider who I would be if God was not conducting the symphony of my life. If God’s grace had not intervened, I could be a hood rat, a prostitute, a crackhead, a drug dealer, an alcoholic, and etc. I grew up in an environment that ONLY manufactured those type of people. Name your vice, and you could find it there. Who I am today is not based on any merit of my own but SOLELY based on the loving-kindness of God.

Tonight, I go to bed grateful because God did not have to be so gracious. He did not have to capture my heart at the age of 7 by way of the Good News. He did not have to give me a virtuous woman as a mother that encouraged me to want more than what my surroundings had to offer. He did not have to give me a dream that forced me out of my environment and into a college classroom. He did not have to give me a passion to help others which operates as the fuel in helping myself first.

Knowing I did not get to this stage of my life by myself, keeps me mindful of those who did not make it out. I look at them with eyes of compassion not judgment because it should have been me too…Father THANK YOU for your GRACE!!

P.S. His grace is available to all of us, and as long as we are living we can better our situation. I hope you CHOOSE BETTER by His Grace.

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