Do it AFRAID!!!

One week ago today I decided to share my thoughts with the world and start a blog. I finally kept my commitment to myself and started something that I had put off for months. This moment was both terrifying and liberating, as I wrestled with the thoughts of “your grammar needs improvement, what makes what you have to say important, and what if they do not like it.” One minute I was stoked at the idea of finally getting my thoughts out, and the next minute horrified that I was finally getting my thoughts out. Needless to say one week later I am glad I did it afraid!

For the longest time I was waiting on some DIVINE removal of fear to be my assurance that I was doing the right thing. I was hoping that God himself would write out my thoughts similar to how he wrote out the two tablets of the Testimony for Moses (Exodus 32: 15, 16).  Neither one of those things happened, and I am glad they did not.  Keeping my commitment to launch this blog did NOT require Divine Intervention but DISCIPLINE. I first had to sit down and DECIDE if I truly wanted to be a blogger. Then, I had to set a date. Lastly, I had to do everything in my power to see what I said I was going to do become a reality. Throughout this process  Fear never left.

The thing that made this time different from the last time I tried to launch Love Lives Free was my FOCUS. Instead of entertaining Fear’s conversation, I focused on the joy of possibly encouraging those who may read my blog. Instead of focusing on what other bloggers were doing with their fancy pages, I focused on making sure my writings contained substance, transparency, and hope. Instead of tuning in to doubt, I focused on that mustard seed of faith I possessed. Now one week later after launching this blog FEAR HAS LEFT THE BUILDING!

All of that to say this,  if the Creator has placed something on your heart to do START doing it! Stop waiting for angels to accompany your pursuits and get busy with your Divine assignment. STOP waiting for people to show you the way and learn to do it yourself. I am reminded of a quote from the movie Field of Dreams that says “if you build it, they will come!” Tonight I am encouraging you to BUILD it, BUY it, RECORD it, WRITE it, DANCE it,  ACT it, PREACH it, LIVE it, JUST DO IT! There are people waiting for you to DO IT AFRAID! I  dare you to DECIDE you truly believe in who the Creator has called you to be. DISCIPLINE yourself to get the task completed, and FOCUS on the positive results of overcoming your fears. I promise you will love the results!#NIKE

P.S. Thank you to the 359 beautiful people who consider Love Lives Free worth following. I appreciate the support, and I look forward to what is in store for us all as we choose to let Love Live Free!!! Happy One Week Anniversary!!!!

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