A Message to the Dream and the Dreamer

Do NOT quit. Do NOT stop. Do NOT throw in the towel. Your hard work will pay off. Your investment will have a great return. Your song, book, play, invention, and etc. will change lives. Do NOT allow the present circumstances of lack, discouragement, and little to no support deter you from doing what you were born to do. Tonight my hope is that you will find the necessary strength to keep moving forward. There will be a great reward for your persistence. DO NOT ABORT what you were placed on this earth to do! I speak Life to your spirit and all of your dreams. THEY WILL BECOME YOUR REALITY!!!-Charity Israel

6 thoughts on “A Message to the Dream and the Dreamer

    • singing “to God be the Glory” and looking forward to your album that will change many lives. What you write from the heart will reach the heart, ALWAYS!!! Love you Ms. Smith, and i’m excited about your future!!!

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