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“For the Lord God is a sun and shield; The Lord will  give grace and glory; no good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly.”-Psalm 84:11

It always amazes me how you can read or hear a verse countless times and never give it much thought. You can recite it. Use it to encourage others, and the verse still has no life to it. Then one day, in the midst of rushing through your Devotional time, it comes alive. You suddenly feel no need to rush and like Samuel your response becomes “Speak Lord, your servant listens.”(I Samuel 3:10) Today was one of those days, and I will not look at this  verse or God the same because of it. The writer says in Psalms 84:11:

For the Lord God is sun…

 It is common knowledge that the Sun is the source of all energy on earth. NASA says of the sun, “the ultimate source of energy for the Earth is nothing else but the sun. Without the sun life on Earth would not exist. The sun provides us with energy, which brings life on our planet. It defines the seasons, the harvests, and even the sleep patterns of all living creatures on Earth. The sun is the closest star to our planet ” Now let’s exchange the word “sun” for “God” in that description so we can grasp a better understanding of what is meant by God is the sun:

The ultimate source of energy for the Earth is no one else but God. Without God life on Earth would not exist. God provides us with energy, which brings life on our planet. God defines the seasons, the harvests, and even the sleep patterns of all living creatures on Earth. God is the closest being to our planet.

Now when the psalmist wrote this verse, I am quite sure he did not have NASA’s knowledge of the sun at his fingertips. But it is with this knowledge we can get some things straight about who God is:

 He is the ultimate source of energy.  Energy is defined as “the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity.” God gives life to energy. He empowers the life and strength of every creature that needs it. With God as the ultimate source of energy, strength to endure any of life’s obstacle is simply a request away.

 Without God life would not exist. Everything that existed, is existing, and will exist is because of Him. He determines the beginning and the end of every living thing. As Creator, everything is subject to His command of Live or Die.

 His energy is the source of our life. This statement echoes that without God life would not exist. The only reason why we continue living is because He lives. Without God existing we would cease to exist. This should destroy any misconception that we are doing life on our own. Whether we acknowledge it or not, we exist solely because of Him.

God determines every season, every harvest, and every sleep pattern of every living creature on Earth. Every season of our life is orchestrated by God. If he determines when it begins, He also determines when it ends.  Every harvest is measured by God if it appears to not be enough, trust Him as the Ultimate Source to provide all your needs. Every sleep pattern is charted by Him, if you need more rest seek the Source to obtain it.

God is the closest being near us. It is hard to believe that someone so Great could be concerned or even considerate of something so feeble and finite as man, but He is. The fact that He chooses to be close to a creation who denies, ignores, and even curses Him will always be something that baffles my mind.  A God who would be just in  destroying us CHOOSES to be near. He wants to be so near that he loaned us his breath (Genesis 2:7). It would do our souls well to get to know Him better.

For those who have made God their Lord, the writer reminds us that God is the source of our life and all we will EVER need. The sun like God needs no help in supplying what the earth needs; and El Shaddai (the All Sufficient God) needs no help in managing the affairs of your life. Today I pray we take comfort in the fact there is nothing that we need or will have need of that God cannot give to us. He will never be depleted of strength, wisdom, love, peace, joy, longsuffering, forgiveness, and etc..  He is the ULTIMATE SOURCE, and He will supply all that you need today, tomorrow, and the rest of your life. Now that’s worth Tweeting!!!

Moment of Truth:  Who or what is the source of your life? If you are not sure how to answer, consider this thought: If ______________was taken away I would not make it. The answer to that question will reveal your source of life. If your answer is not God, that is okay! Mine was not either. It was my job which is hard to admit, but lately all my life decisions have been centered around how it would effect my job if this or that happened. Now a few years ago, I would have thrown a I’m a Bad Christian Pity Party for myself after admitting this. But today I am simply going to repent of looking to my job as the source of my life. I am going to ask the Holy Spirit to reveal any other things that I have looked to as sources, and I am going to make a decision to start looking to God for all I need. Repent and move forward is all any of us can do! Have an amazing day BEAUTIFUL people.

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