My Writing Creed

pen-and-pad-photo2 Last month I woke up, and I thought about typing a blog. Last week I woke up, and I thought I really should get more serious about my blog. Yesterday I woke up, and I thought about blogging. Today I woke up and made a decision to blog. So today, I am writing this blog. I am writing to clear my thoughts. I am writing to face my fears. I am writing to inform. I am writing to express my truth. I am writing to clear my head and release the lies, secrets, and deceptions that have snuck in and made a home in the crevices of my mind.I am writing to release the worries and cares of my soul. I am writing without the concerns of who would approve or disapprove. I am writing to explore my thoughts and cultivate what I find to be true. I am writing to disagree with the world and come into allegiance with my pen and the King of Kings. I write to change perceptions, worldviews, and realities. I write to heal myself, learn myself, and love myself. I write to understand the depths of my mind. I write to be rude. I write to be candid and frank. I write to be humorous, sarcastic, and cynical. I write to be tolerant, considerate, and kind. I write because it gives me permission to be honest without any interruptions. I write to challenge others to think better, love better, and ultimately live better. I write as if I have no enemies and need no friends. I write to examine truth and when my pen stops I hope truth is left resounding on the pages. I write absolutely on matters that I am absolutely convinced are true. I write to offend the hypocrite, comfort the backslider, and encourage the Saint. I write to keep the critic employed. I write to challenge my belief system and fix the areas that lack a solid foundation. I write because I am weak. I write because I am strong. I write because I am a black in America and can no longer be silent about the injustices of my people. I write because I am a woman, and I despise media’s perception and suggestions of what we should act like, be like, or think like. I write because I am human and compassion for my neighbor compels me to empathize, sympathize, and assist. I write because I am Christian and I possess a righteous indignation against false doctrine, fleecing of sheep, and lies in the name of the Lord. I write because I am a citizen who takes full advantage of her First Amendment right. I write because no one seems to be listening, and yet my pen allows me to be heard! Photo Credits:

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