HAPPY 28th BIRTHDAY!!! (July 25)


So today is my 28th birthday and I just want to write about God’s goodness and kindness throughout the years. So I am going to type out 28 reasons that I am thankful:

1985-Thank you for life and making me the daughter of Gwen Porter-Cole and Larry M. Evans!
1986-Thank you for a beautiful sister!
1987-Thank you for a beautiful mother who was full of faith and believed against doctors’ reports about me.
1988-Thank you I no longer have to wear braces on my leg and foot.
1989-Thank you for a handsome baby brother!
1990-Thank you for giving me five beautiful years with my grandfather.
1991-Thank you for my first grade teacher Mrs. Cokeley.
1992-Thank you for the gift of Salvation. I am now a daughter of the King!!!
1993-Thank you for the Fine Arts. I think I found my niche!
1994-Thank you for my Music teacher Mrs. Karen Ware who finally allowed me to be a part of our school choir ensemble.
1995-Thank you for Ms. Crenshaw recommending me for the Shepherd’s Ranch Youth program. It changed my life!
1996-Thank you for a beautiful little sister, and my sixth grade trip to Washington D.C.
1997-Thank you for being a Freshmen at Horace Mann Magnet.
1998-Thank you for teaching me how to handle a bully!
1999-Thank you for being a Freshmen at Hall High School (my mother’s alma mater).
2000-Thank you for providing all that I needed.
2001-Thank you for keeping me during my back surgery and keeping death away when we were struck head on by a drunk driver!
2002-Thank you for sending me a beautiful best friend named Tye.
2003-Thank you Lord for graduating from high school a virgin and starting school at Oral Roberts University.
2004-Thank you for the strange land called Tulsa, OK. and meeting a beautiful soul named Gloria that showed me what it means to love God.
2005-Thank you for giving me a passion for dancing and guiding my family to a church named Bountiful Blessings World Fellowship in Little Rock, AR.
2006-Thank you for the opportunity of being an ORU Dorm Chaplain and the beautiful ladies of the Upper Room (Frances 12). Thank you that my suicide attempt was an epic fail!
2007-Thank you for the opportunity of being a part of Campus Worship and Souls A Fire. Thank you for the gift of counseling and Ms. Lover Mae Robinson, an ORU licensed counselor.
2008-Thank you for the opportunity of participating in ORU Mission’s program and the beautiful people of Osaka, Japan.
2009-Thank you for Pastor Stephen W. Christian who sat down with me at one of the most critical times in my faith and restored me with the Word and love of Jesus Christ.
2010-Thank you for providing the strength and grace to return and complete my degree at ORU. I’m OFFICIALLY a college graduate!!!
2011-Thank you for the three years spent in Ministers in Training class, being ordained as a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the move to Atlanta, GA.
2012-Thank you for the unexpected blessing of becoming a Flight Attendant and all that it has taught me about ministry, myself, and other people. It has truly been an adventure.
2013-Thank you that this year will be one that SHOUTS Your fame and exemplifies your love to those around me. I pray that the 28th year of my life would be lived for You!!!

God thank you for being so gracious and loving in the first 28 years of my life, and I pray that the next 28+ years would honor You! Amen!

Photo Credit:http://images.pictureshunt.com/pics/h/happy_birthday-2004.jpg

6 thoughts on “HAPPY 28th BIRTHDAY!!! (July 25)

  1. Wow that was so beautiful! I love you so much and I pray that God will continue to favor you the rest of your life!!!!!!

    • To my only subscriber and real sister: Thank you so much for believing in me, supporting me, and loving me like you do. You are an amazing woman. I’m so glad God was gracious enough to bless me with the two greatest sisters in the world!!!

  2. Wow!!! Clearly I was in tears because I see the Lord’s doing and it is indeed marvelous in MY eyes! This was an amazingly sweet and powerful tribute Charity! I love you and am so excited to see God’s face and grace shine upon you!

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