is a site that has ONE purpose, and that is to get as many people as possible to LIVE in the FREEDOM that LOVE has to offer. This site will earnestly strive to write articles that encourage all people to love their God, themselves, and others. This blog site has something for everyone. In the category labeled To the Unknown God, you will find a daily devotion and articles that encourage people to be transparent with God about EVERYTHING. The SINGLE Challenge is for the Single person that is not dating or has decided to join me in the journey of Self-Discovery (click the tab to find out more).  A Family Affair is the  area that explores the good, bad, and the ooougly parts of being a friend, a family member, and a servant.  Last but not least, we have theTalk About It area where readers can  answer the Question of the Day, provide topic suggestions, comments, ask questions, and dialogue with other readers. Now that you have read about it, jump in and discover how it feels when LOVE LIVES FREE!-Charity Israel

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      • yes yes yes I Thank GOD for All HE has put in Charity her wisdom love and compassion for people she is truely LOVE In Action. A Strong Tested FRee young lady Who Per GRACE Is My/OUR Daughter in whom WE are Pleased!!!!!

      • Charity, my dear Sister! What an inspiration you are. Who would of thought such a big voice could be wrapped up in a meek, small in stature beautiful woman of God? You are a gift to the world so keep shining my friend, keep shining💖
        Tracy Austin aka Lady T
        Truth and Life Today Media Inc.

      • Just reading this, and all I can say is THANK YOU so much for your love and support. Your sweet words made me smile, and I pray you continue to shine as well. You’re amazing and your story will bless many when you are ready to share it!!! LOVE YOU!!!!

  1. Charity,

    This site is absolutely amazing! I am so glad to see you stepping out and obeying God. You have so much wisdom and you just do not know how many people’s lives you are affecting for good! Keep doing your thing, love! The best is yet to come!

    Love you!!!

  2. Oh my God! I just want to dote on you my sister in Christ! I see such a beautiful person, beautiful spirit!! I have to be honest, the young lady @thechristishow is hilarious!!!! But when I saw your video on her page I instantly thought this is not the same person is it?? This woman speaks with such a deep biblical reverent fear of God. I’m not saying she isn’t that way, she is so hilarious!! But you don’t understand how bright that light of Christ is shining in you. There are few people with biblical integrity and commitment on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook-there are only a few seriously. I don’t have social media but I check in from time to time (oops I hope I’m not being hypocritical for not having a social media page). But trust me I’ve looked around on Christian celebrity, secular celebrity social media pages and can count on one hand people committed to biblical integrity. One person that shocked me for her integrity is the wife of the Isley brother Ron Isley, Kandi Isley. I instantly judged her because she is much younger than him, but I was so wrong. She is so committed to sharing God’s word on her social media page and being healthy while at it. It’s like spotting the Holy Spirit! I’m proud of people like her and you. Keep it up@@@

    • CJ thank you so much for your lovely words, and what you expressed is simply what I have been praying. I want people to see and hear Him through me. I want His message of love, grace, salvation, and freedom to be made famous. He is a wonderful God, and I truly believe people should take the time to get to know Him. Thank you so much for sharing, and I will have to follow Kandi Isley. I want my feed full of the word and those that love Him too. Thanks again.

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