No Bread, Just Faith

Jesus answered, It is written:’Man should not live by bread alone but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.'” Matthew 4:4

“I desire that you become dead to the many other sources of life (i.e. friends, money, and etc.) and live by faith in My word!”  It is absolutely important that as believers that we live by faith. Faith in His word becomes the Divine driving force and the strength of our life during times of adversity. Faith breeds hope and without faith it is impossible to please God. Faith places us in a dependent state on God and causes Him to move on behalf of those who dare to believe. Faith doesn’t get us what we want but assures us that we will obtain what God has promised us when He crafted each of us unto His liking and purpose. Faith seals our salvation because it is that which is unseen; and our salvation or choice to live righteous should not be based on any physical, tangible, or emotional experience. Our salvation is senseless but predicated on our belief that it is so through faith regardless of what we hear, see, feel, smell, or do. Faith is not a matter of receiving immediately but obtaining accordingly to God’s promise and timing. Faith is not for God but for us! It keeps us encouraged as we wait on what God has promised.
The Point:  People keep your faith in God and His promises concerning your life. Don’t allow circumstances, emotions, or anything deter you from obtaining what God has for you. Your faith is necessary to this walk and without it you will faint. I love you all and my prayer is that you will believe the word of God as it pertains to your life. Stay fly, stay focused, and stay faithful to fulfilling the things of God!!!-Charity Israel

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