Stop fighting,” he says. “And know that I am God, supreme among the nations, supreme over the world.”-Psalms 46:10 (GNB)

I prefer the Good News Bible translation of this scripture because it makes clear what is meant by “BE STILL!” It means “STOP FIGHTING” and know (trust, recognize, solely acknowledge, and understand) he is God, supreme among nations, supreme over the entire world. All of chapter 46 is dedicated to the acknowledgement of God being with the children of Abraham (Israel and now those who are made righteous by faith) reminding us that in the midst of whatever calamity or catastrophic event, God Almighty is with us. And that is how the Psalmist compellingly concludes “Be Still (e.g. Stop Fighting) and trust in the Greatness of our God. There is no need or point in fighting against Him or anything He permits, just wait a while and things will smooth out again.

So my challenge today is STOP FIGHTING His will for you. Instead of complaining about your position in life, enjoy it as best you can. STOP FIGHTING His will for you to be single and take this time as an opportunity to solidify your relationship with Him and with yourself. STOP FIGHTING His decision to allow the storms of life to blow your way; quit asking for sunshine and allow Him to cover you in the rain. STOP FIGHTING by living beyond your means and allow Him to teach you how to budget, so that you may become the wealthy person you pretend to be. STOP FIGHTING by trying to hold on to people He has ordered to be removed from your life (including family). STOP FIGHTING your future by holding on to your past failures, mistakes, sins, slips, and hard bumps on the heads.  There is so much the Father desires to give and bring to us, but we must first STOP FIGHTING (Be Still) and know that the One who is Supreme among the nations, supreme over the world is truly God and is working on our behalf. It is only when you decide to BE STILL that you will experience the benefits of knowing He is God. Rest from your religious labor, ridiculous rhetoric (long, drawn out prayers), and ludicrous logic and trust the Father to be God on your behalf. Be blessed!-Charity Israel

Photo Credit: https://si0.twimg.com/profile_images/183937438/STOP_SIGN.png

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